About Us

We believe in creative ideas which give us a lot of opportunities and lead us to do many interesting and interactive things in our modern society, to show our works to our clients.
Designing Web designing, Logo designing, creative artwork etc.,
Web-related service and support are all done here, which help us to reach the world wide web & publish our creative ideas into web content.
Videography, photography, video, video editing, fcpx, video publishing etc., all are our main processes in this concern.
Editing Final cut pro x, we used to edit video and create creative video content and push it in a web as well as, post in media. Photo editing, creative posters are also the parallel processes we do in this creative idea zone.
Artwork Drawing, painting, clay toy, miniature set, colorful movement, media set work, cine set work, poster presentation artworks all are we regularly do to our clients in TV media and Cine media.
Script Writing Recently started working on the scriptwriting process for short films communities, we do have a group discussion and individual practice on script writing and content creation.
Basic electronics, chip level programming like Arduino, cnc system workings, 3d printer & programming, solar panel, battery backup and so on. 


Photography We don't take simple photography, we capture the movement of the still life.
Future plans We are planning to move our self to the film casting process, cinematography, dubbing, rerecording for short films and feature films etc.,